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October marks National Financial Planning Month, a time when Americans can look at how they are saving, their retirement goals, and how they can create a tailored approach that works for them. October is the perfect time of the year to plan, with summer winding down and the holidays fast approaching, you can look back on how you’ve done in 2018 and what you could do differently before the year wraps up.

We have compiled a list of quick tips and steps you can take to help ensure you are on the best track to establish a sound financial future and accomplish your retirement goals.

  1. The retirement landscape is changing.
    With Americans living longer and spending more time in retirement, many retirees are concerned about outliving their savings. In fact, 56% of Americans admit they are unsure if their retirement savings will last their lifetime.Moreover, the retirement landscape is changing, shifting from employer-provided pensions and 401(k)s to a more do-it-yourself, individual approach.
    -Just 38% of people say they could rely on Social Security alone
    -Only 13% of people say they could rely on pension alone
    -Three in five are very likely to work longer than they’d like to meet their personal retirement goals, and the average worker expects to push back retirement by two years
  2. A diversified portfolio is a strong one.
    Diversifying your portfolio means balancing risk and growth!

    Designed for the long term, fixed indexed annuities (FIAs) are a great retirement vehicle to help ensure you are not putting all your eggs in one basket. FIAs offer a guaranteed minimum rate of return and tax-deferred growth over time. And because they are insurance products, indexed annuities can offer a guaranteed income for life.With these significant benefits of FIAs, you may be wondering if it is the only type of retirement savings you need. The best long-term savings plan ensures balance by bucketing money in a variety of vehicles like 401(k)s and other qualified retirement plans as well, as each has unique benefits.
  3. Consider lifetime income savings options.
    Half of Americans say the number one thing they will miss in retirement is a steady paycheck. They are searching for a product that can help ensure a steady income stream. FIAs are designed to provide guaranteed lifetime income so you can never outlive your savings.These plans moderate risk in your financial plan. Different FIAs have different methods for helping manage this risk, so no matter what happens in the market, you can count on payments throughout your golden years.

  4.  Think of retirement plan risk.
    401(k), 403(b), 457, and other qualified retirement plans are tax-advantaged plans established by the IRS to help Americans save for their retirement years. Many organizations that offer these plans provide their employees with self-service options to access the savings and investment components within these plans.Apart of that, Social Security, as well as FIAs can provide a steady lifetime income stream. FIAs guarantee a fixed rate of return, regardless of market swings; whereas the rate of return for variable annuities depend on the stock, bond, or money market investment. This helps ensure your nest egg is secured and provides for you throughout retirement.
  5. Make use of all the resources at your disposal.
    The landscape of retirement is changing and the different paths you can take in financial planning can seem overwhelming. Work with a financial professional to help outline your options and consider the impact of different strategies on your savings and retirement income potential.

    This National Financial Planning Month make use of retirement calculators and other savings tools that help you understand where you are financially and where you need to go to retire. Additionally, think about talking to a financial professionalto see if an FIA may be a retirement savings vehicle to help you meet your retirement goals.

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