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Last month, athletes from around the globe came together to compete in the PyeongChang 2018 Winter Olympics. While for some, these games were a debut, others retired from their sport following the competition.

Each Olympian’s journey is unique from its infancy to its end, for every athlete approaches training, competition, and inevitably retirement very differently. However, these athletes tend to all tackle their future with assurance and determination. With 90 percent of Americans lacking confidence in their overall retirement savings situation (IALC data, October 2017), an Olympian’s path can offer invaluable lessons for many retirement savers.

Three things Olympians teach us about retirement:

1. How to embrace the future

When Olympians decide to hang up their skates, put away their skis, or whatever the case may be, they are leaving behind a sport that has been central to their identity. As they move toward a new phase in life, Olympians’ drive to embrace their next chapter serves as a model for all pre-retirees who are planning for their “next big thing.”

Creating a successful retirement begins with embracing what’s ahead and planning for it. Use customizable calculators to run different scenarios and discover how small adjustments could make a big difference for your retirement future, as well as put pen to paper with retirement planning worksheets to determine retirement vehicles right for you.

2. How to pursue a dream

Many elite athletes are in pursuit of the same goal: winning gold at the Olympics. In turn, they put in the hours, hard work, and training needed to fulfill this dream.

To help ensure a financially stable future, pre-retirees should exercise this same determination. With 56 percent of Americans unsure if they will have enough funds to last them through their golden years, they should approach retirement with the same thoughtfulness, time, and effort athletes do in their journeys.

3. How to maximize a support system

Olympic athletes have a large network who play a part in their success: coaches, trainers, family, and friends, to name a few.

Pre-retirees may not know it, but they also have individuals they can turn to – financial professionals willing to help build their nest egg. However, only 39 percent of Americansturn to a qualified individual for financial information or advice. No matter if you are adding fixed indexed annuities or another retirement vehicle to your financial portfolio, seek guidance from a financial professional to see what products are right for you.

Winning gold in retirement

If Americans look to retirement in the same way as Olympic athletes, these years will truly be a #GOLDenRetirement!