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Here at Asset Preservation Capital, LTD, we are adhering to state and local guidelines in order to protect both the health and safety of clients and staff. Keeping our clients and staff safe is our highest priority and we’re taking all appropriate measures to ensure a safe environment. Should you prefer to not meet face-to-face, we are continuing to serve our clients through virtual settings such as Zoom or phone call.

We look forward to continuing to help individuals and families achieve their ideal retirements.

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Carl D. Gill


Why I Became a Financial Planner

When my grandparents passed… my mom inherited $250,000. In 1975 that was a lot of money then, but by 1985 it was gone. Unfortunately, she did not know how to: budget, plan, or grow her wealth. After she lost my college fund I was determined to never let this happen to anyone again. For that reason, I became a stockbroker in 1983 at Dean Witter.

As I grew my practice I began to “give back” to my local community; first as a Boy Scout Troop Leader and later as a big brother to inner-city families. For many years, I would drive into the city to pick up teenagers and pay them to rake the leaves piled up on my large lawn; this taught them the rewards of teamwork and planning. In between, I drilled them on learning their multiplication tables. Eventually, one of them became a college graduate in civil engineering.

Later on my dime, I flew to Beloxy Miss to help homeowners repair their homes from the severe damage Hurricane Katrina left behind. Eventually, I went overseas to South Africa and South America through my church to build an orphanage, church, and AIDs clinics. It was truly rewarding to help ad lasting value to the lives I touched.

Over the past 30 years, I was invited to provide on-site Lunch & Learn Retirement workshops at General Motors. I still regularly receive cards in the mail from clients who thanked me for preventing them from investment disasters that robbed other co-workers of their retirement savings, pension plans, marriages, and life. This is why I became a Financial Planner to provide lasting guidance and be a blessing to others.

My wife Olga and I have helped over 25 local Ukrainian refugees find work and shelter to repair their lives. We’re always looking to give back to our community.

God Bless,

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